Welcome to Reality

In just under 1 month I will have been sober for 5 years. Within the first 6 months of sobriety I felt like I was floating on air, all my problems were solved. Never again would I make mistakes, choose the wrong men, hurt myself or anyone else. It turns out that there was a reason that I drank, that addictions generally stem from something being missing from our lives. So now, when I struggle to cope with life, I have to feel my feelings. Alcohol was a way of hiding from the reality of life, from my past and present traumas, the agony and anxiety that at times seems to plague my mind. Within this blog I would like to tell my story, my past, my present and my hopes for the future. I hope that in writing this and sharing my story I can help others who are coping, surviving, overcoming or living with their addiction issues. I have never attended an AA meeting. I think about it all the time, yet something stops me, some fear, insecurity, maybe even an arrogance that made me believe that I don’t need it. I don’t think that that is the right way for everybody. Maybe I’m wrong. If there are people out there who are too scared/don’t fancy AA, then maybe my stories can help them/you to feel less alone. Whether it can help you or not, if nothing else the mistakes I’ve made in my life should hopefully make you laugh, smile or cringe in despair. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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